Skin Cancer Check FAQ

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The purpose of the examination is to examine your skin for suspicious lesions which could be skin cancers.

1What Equipment is used?
Dr Simpson will examine your skin using a hand held surface microscope (dermatoscope). The latest computer assisted diagnostic equipment. Both Peregian Springs Doctors and Coolum Beach 7 Day Doctors have the Molemax™ skin Imaging systems.
2Do I have to undress?
You have to undress down to your underwear to have your skin examined. If you are concerned by any lesions covered by your underwear that you want him to check please let him know. If you feel uncomfortable about undressing down to your underwear you can ask the doctor to do a more limited check concentrating on any areas that you are concerned by. Many patients feel more comfortable wearing a bikini/swimming togs.
3How long does it take?
The appointment is booked for 15mins, if biopsies are taken the appointment will take longer.
4What happens if the doctor finds something?
If a suspicious lesion is found a small biopsy maybe taken on the day, depending on the time available, or you maybe asked to return another day. If a surgical excision is required, you will need to book a longer appointment. This is carried out in the procedure room. Dr Simpson will discuss this fully with you prior to the procedure.

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David has undertaken advanced surgical training in skin cancer surgery and welcomes referrals from other Doctors for the management of large skin cancers and lesions in difficult sites such as the nose, lips, face and lower leg. Surgical techniques may include skin grafting and various types of skin flap surgery.